Kyle Jones
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Throughout my career I was extremely fortunate to have been surrounded by positive role models. From an elementary and high school student to a seasoned veteran, these individuals challenged me, pushed me to learn and provided me with guidance every step along the way of my sporting journey. Thank you to the coaches, athletes and support staff for all of the amazing experiences over the years.

That being said, I did have the distinct privilege to work with and learn from three of the best in triathlon: Simon Whitfield, Joel Filliol and Mario Mola. It’s difficult to put their collective influence on my career into words. Whether it was training sessions in the toughest of conditions, travelling the world together or experiencing the highs and lows of professional triathlon, these three individuals have been there. I will be forever grateful for the inspiration you provided and continue to provide on a daily basis. Thank you to Simon, Joel and Mario, it is an honour to have your friendship.


simon whitfield - olympic champion

"Mr WorkEthic; there exists a man, whose singled minded focus, and determined resolve defines the manner to which he applies himself, each and every time, within any and all endeavours, and it is in this manner to which one would describe Kyle Jones.

A man of principle, his adherence is to a simple ethos, discipline, as a disciple unto himself, consumed by attention to detail, orientated to a standard of excellence, attained through daily ritual and driven intention, based on the belief that satisfaction, the satiation of the hungry that drives us, comes from ones ability to put one foot in front of the other, and endure the mundane required, to proceed with grit and determination, 

Grit and determination, and here again we find, Kyle Jones, an Olympian, and a Coach, with a wealth of knowledge, and a kind and patient presence.  

Kyle, it’s a privilege to know you my friend, in my mind you help define one end of the spectrum, as a man who lives into his values, and expresses his gifts. 

At the end of the day what more can we ask."

- Simon St. Quentin Whitfield

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joel filliol - world leading coach



mario mola - 3x world champion

“I had the opportunity to train with Kyle for almost 4 years between 2013 and 2016. Kyle has definitely been one of the athletes who has impacted me most in my career.  Smart, self-disciplined and a truly hard worker. I learned from his training methods and the way he approached any session to make the most of it. It’s now time for the others to learn from his experience and knowledge in order to become the best athlete they can be.”

- Mario Mola